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Academy Programmes

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Who Am I?

Character profile of participants to get them on the path of self awareness and develop a better understanding of themself.

Defining dream goal

Breaking down dream goal into smaller achievable goals. Giving them clarity on what is required in all the domains of sport in order for them to have an awareness of what is required to achieve their dream goal.

Self Regulation Diary

For participants to monitor their own performance across the five specific domains of sport training goals, physical goals, mental, nutrition and life skills.

Developing Key Performance indicators

Looks at the importance of KPI’S, forming player philosophy and appreciation of technical and tactical execution pertinent to their role.

Time Management Strategy

Producing a formal time management structure to operate under. Helping the participants to help them achieve the right balance with all roles they carry out not just those pertaining to sport.

Dietary Appraisal

Makes sure participant understands and is aware of good dietary habits and importance of making the right choices.

Performance appraisals

Performance review charts participants shown how to create pre competition and post competition charts to aid in forming process orientated athletes and promotion of self awareness.

Evaluation Form

All participants should engage in an evaluation process of their own sport performance and evaluation of learning derived through the duration of the academy programme.