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Stage 1:

Pre season seminars on team dream/vision and mission

Objective: To inspire your team to strive towards a common goal
that they allwant to achieve as a group

Duration: 1 hour

In this one hour seminar we sit down and decide as a group what your team’s dream and vision will be and set about discovering and defining what you and your people believe is possible by pushing their limits.

Stage 2:

Mission Statement bringing the first two stages together

Objective: To identify how you are going to achieve your dream

Duration: 1 hour

In this one hour seminar, again working as a group, we look at how we can achieve the dream. In doing this it allows the group to garner belief in the process that they define themselves to motivate and make them strive to achieve their dream goal over a long or short campaign.

Stage 3:

Values session that is to applied to dream and vision and mission

Objective: To have a values system that becomes a living process

Duration: 1 hour

The group is introduced to benchmark examples from other successful teams, then split into groups to define their own values that they believe represent who they are, and then engage them in the importance of making the living process.

Stage 4:

So you have defined the what and the how now it’s time to define the why?

Objective: To develop understanding as individuals and as a team, the importance of purpose

In this seminar we discover what your team purpose is and why does it matter to you and your team mates to achieve your dream goal.

Stage 5:

Team session with benchmarking examples

Objective: To make players aware of the importance of goal setting and the correlation between goal setting and improved individual and team performance.

Duration: 1 hour

This seminar looks at the importance of goal setting for individuals in a team setting. Takes them through goal setting exercises to give them a starting point and promotes importance of self regulation and self discipline.

Other seminars suitable for teams:

Passion and Purpose

Objective: To inspire you to reach for your dreams

Ideal for: Both coaches and teams

Duration: 3 hours

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We assume too much!

Objective: To cover off the four domains of sport!

Ideal for: Both coaches and teams

Duration: 3 hours

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