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So you want to be a coach

Objective: To provide tools and tips to get you started

Ideal for: coaches and parents who are new to coaching

This seminar aims to promote awareness of the challenges that all new coaches face in the role of a new coach. Covers everything from how to structure your trainings so they encompass delivery of skill, knowledge and most importantly so that they are fun!

It’s not what you say it’s how you say it!

Objective: To deliver messages that motivate and inspire

Ideal for: Coaches at any level

Duration: 3 hours

This seminar brings together 4 key ingredients observing, delivering, inspiring and applying. We at the coaching menu believe that if you get the first three right, the applying pretty much takes care of itself. This seminar really focuses in on making sure you are consistently delivering the right messages and are using the different modalities of learning that can be used for your people and as a result are substantiating these messages to maintain motivation and excitement in your group.

Passion and Purpose

Objective: To inspire you to reach for your dreams

Ideal for: Both coaches and teams

Duration: 3 hours

Cliff talks about his passion and purpose for coaching and how he believes that these two p's can overide any obstacle on your path way to where you want to get to. Cliff will share how quickly things changed for him through being passionate and defining what his purpouse was where he reached a dream goal sooner than he believed possible. He will step you through his steps to achieving that dream goal and share with you his next steps to take it to another level.

We assume too much!

Objective: To cover off the four domains of sport!

Ideal for: Both coaches and teams

Duration: 3 hours

This presentation explores one of the most common factors that results in a declining performance and yet unless it is brought to your attention you may not be aware of it. With the use of anectodal evidence this seminar sets out to give you that awareness to help improve your own performance and ultimately the people you are coaching. Looking at the four fundamental areas of sport: Technical Execution, Tactical Awareness, Physical Conditioning and Mental Application.

The Magic Pill!

Objective: To develop the whole coach

Ideal for: New coaches right through to high performance

Duration: 3 hours

I put it to you today for the past 100’s of years people in positions of leadership have been looking for the magic pill to inspire and lead there people. Whether that be leading their countries on the world stage or into battlle or on the sportsfield or in the board rooms of companies. I heard that it exists but obviously however I haven’t found the chosen one who has it. So my question to the chosen one who distributes this pill would be how does it work and why do I need it? Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, Craig Lewis, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Peter Blake, Buck Shelford, Reuben Wiki, Darren Lockyer, Wayne Bennett. They are all viewed as successful leaders but here is the thing that I have discovered they all had something in common they all had the elusive Magic Pill or did they? Join me in a presentation that will look into whether it is myth or fact and along the way help you identify for yourself whether you already have it on your person and are yet to use in the right way or maybe your just not aware of how to use it!

What does the right culture look like?

Objective: To help define the culture that represents your people

Ideal for: Both coaches and teams

Duration: 3 hours

It seems to be a big buzz word and there are loads of different philosophies out there. We at the Coaching Menu believe that the start to building the right culture is to firstly scan and observe the environment you are going into get to know the people you are dealing with and spend time as much time as you can getting to know your people, building genuine rapport and understanding of your people. Once you have an clear understanding of your people it allows you to identify and look for a commonality that the group shares and understands this is your staring point. This seminar looks at how to develop the commonality to become the foundation of your culture.